A Growing Collection of UX Writing Style Guides

January 01, 2019

Updated July 8th 2019

Style guides. Mysterious works of art in their own right

Perhaps we’re weird (we are weird. the “perhaps” train left the station a long time ago) but we love product and editorial style guides here at DUXW. And what better way to show that love than to share a list of some of our favorites with you?

Here they are, in no particular order:

Mailchimp’s Voice and Tone Guide”

A List Apart’s “House Style Guide for General Publication”

Quickbooks “Essential Details of Content Design”

Shopify’s “Product Voice Guide”

Google’s “Copywriting Guidelines for Material Design”’s “Content design: Planning, Writing and Managing”

Atlassian’s “Product Writing Style Guide”

18F’s “How to plan, write, and manage content at 18F.”

This list is alive! If you think we need to add an entry or edit/remove/revise anything, then just send us an email

Ryan Farrell

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