UX Writing Challenge — Write an Error Notification for a Smart Fridge

April 06, 2018

People who bought a Samsung smart fridge in 2012 found out that they could no longer connect their Google Calendars to the fridge in 2014.

Challenge: Tell the user that their fridge no longer supports Google calendar in a way that won’t infuriate them.

Headline: 45 characters max

Body: 125 characters max

Button(s): 25 characters max

Nice. What is this?

We’re trying a new thing.

Calling them “bonus challenges” and sending them once in a while.

Today’s challenge comes to us courtesy of Daily UX Writing Challenge member Rich Jones of “Target Story”. He’s a great dude. Hire him for something if you need something done.

We’ll also include links and stuff that we think are relevant to UX Writers.

We (Ha! “We” as if we’re a bigger operation than just one guy and a —now legendary—little dog) will also include, I dunno “stuff”?

Please send suggestions to:

Some of you may have noticed we’ve been slacking on the feedback in the Facebook group lately.

We had a tragedy in the DUXW family as we lost our team mascot (and registered co-founder of the challenge) “Lt. Colonel Allen ‘Dutch’ Schaeffer” who was not either an actual “Colonel” nor a real “human” but was just, in fact, my “dog”

He lost a fight with a speeding car last week. He was a tough little guy, hardcore ‘til the end.

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sad. But, the Colonel would want me to carry on.

I promise to get back in gear as soon as I’m feeling up to it, and thanks for understanding.

Clearly, I’m in the clutches of grief and could use a hug.

But I’m not gonna let that stop me.

Dutch wouldn’t approve.


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